Monday, June 1, 2009

Its Monday and my new workout regimen begins!

Just thought I'd share my new workout routine. I'm not a gym rat. Not a fan of running on a treadmill. Oh no, that's not for me. I need fresh air. I need to breath. I need to get out and think. When I run, that's when most of my ideas come to me. This is when my mind is the clearest. This is how I relieve stress.

I am a little restricted having a toddler at home. I can't take off and run whatever distance I'd like. This boy and jogging stroller is getting heavy. But that doesn't mean I can't get good workouts in!

During the week I do my shorter and faster runs. This is great for muscle building and speed work. Then on weekends, with the help of my hubby, I run my longer, slower runs. I enjoy these the most.

Summer is here and bathing suit weather has fastly approached. Time to step up my workouts. This tummy needs toning! 

This is what a strive for. My goal. Obviously life interferes from time to time.

Monday- Run 2.5-3.5 miles with the jogger.
Tuesday- Sit ups (300-500 total) and push ups (30-50) circuit. This is new. And I'm sore!
Wednesday- Run 2.5-3.5 miles with the jogger.
Thursday- Sit ups (300-500 total) and push ups (30-50) circuit.
Friday-Easy 2 mile run to get ready for tomorrow.
Saturday-4.0-6.0 mile run. Sit ups (300-5oo total) and push ups (30-50) circuit.
Sunday- try to run 4.0-6.0 mile run. I'm typically tired from the bigger run after Saturday.

Wish me luck! And please share your workouts. I love to bounce ideas around!


  1. Good luck. I really hate pushing the stroller when I jog it totally throws me off. I did join the gym last week and I do like it but I love the freash air and a good long run outside!

  2. Nice goal setting! My routine: um, what routine? ;) Hey, if you want, I have a 20 minute pilates ab sculpting DVD you can have. I find pilates ab workouts are more enjoyable and WAY more effective than plain old sit-ups. But I never use this particular DVD 'cause the other ones I use already have the tummy and everything else as well.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    It is always nice to "chat" with other Mommy-runners. :) I also use my jogger for shorter runs. I have a double one and with both of my kids in it, it is quite an arm workout. My younger one only has the patience to stay in it for a 3 mile I also do my longer runs when hubby is home. I have the double BOB and LOVE is so pricey, but worth every penny.

    I bike on my off days. I got a trainer for my bike, so I can set it up in front of the is great! I can do it at nap time. :)

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  5. Get it babe! The key to any workout routine is believing in it, and getting a habit started. I get excited to see moms with little ones going for what they set their minds to. Don't listen to the nay-sayers telling you that it is too hard, or there isn't enough time, because misery loves company. You have to get YOUR strength to GIVE it to your young ones.

    Love You,


  6. I dream of being able to do half of your workouts =) I hear ya on the no more excuses..... I have been doing the excuse thing for almost 5 years. Go get'em!

  7. Sounds like a great plan, you do well running with the stroller I just about get myself round let alone with a little one!

    I look forward to reading your blog - good luck

    Best wishes Eva

  8. Sounds like a good line-up! What do you do when it's hot out? I feel guilty putting my daughter in the jogging stroller when it's so hot out (even in the morning it's nasty in GA). How do you keep your little one comfortable?

  9. Geesh. I thought I was doing good jogging 1mile. Time to get my butt in gear!

  10. Great goals! My 2 y/o and 1 y/o both get very restless in the jogging stroller, so we never bothered investing in a double one. Rather, Hubs and I take turns/tag out so we can both get a few quality runs in each week.

    Here's the current sched:
    Sat/Sun: Easy to take turns for runs; and we alternate participating in road races every couple of weeks. The person who's not racing cheers with the kids--and gets to run home from the race site.
    Mon: I do a lunchtime playdate w/one of my runner friends. We take turns watching all 4 kids and going out for a short run. The kids play hard and nap great when we get home!
    Tue: Standing date for me to meet up w/coworkers for a run in the evening. Hubs tries to schedule his work appointments so he can be home in time most weeks.
    Wed: We take turns running local x-c races
    Thurs/Friday: Usually jog a couple of miles one of these days while Hubs is handling dinner.

    I'm very lucky to have a husband who goes out of his way to help me get my runs in! Lots of days, he does his own run at night after the kids are in bed bcs I'm freaked out about running after dark.

    Congrats to all you you getting out there, especially in the heat!