Thursday, June 25, 2009

Why adult diets are not appropriate for kids.

The hubby and I have currently taken our healthy eating to a new level. I'll talk more about this later. I don't like to say we're on a diet because we're really not. We are just eating healthy and eating foods that boost your metabolism. While we do this its hard to remember that our 2 year old is not trying to lose weight... and should not! Actually the contrary. He needs to put good fat on. 

I have a running group on Mom Bloggers Club where we talk fitness. The goal is to share tips and motivate each other to get out and run. One of the ladies posted this article that I wanted to discuss.

Dr. Dolgoff blogs about the importance in separating your diet and your child's diet. This is a good read for every mother! Check the article for facts. 

*I'm going to start a Good Reads section on this blog so please feel free to send articles you come across!*


  1. Thanks for the link to the is very interesting! I read alot and try to be as educated as possible regarding our family nutrition. My toddler has always been underweight, so I watch 11 year old eats junk food when he isn't home...try to watch his nutrition carefully and always have only healthy snacks at home...hubby does low/no simple carbs...I just try to eat healthy and get all the nutrients I need...yikes! We also have a life threatening allergy to deal I read labels carefully and shop at my favorite store, whole foods. Pay an arm and a leg but I figure nutrition is really important! Organic whenever possible...especially dairy 100% of the time...fresh foods also as much as we can!

  2. wow, I try not to be judgemental, but what kind of *&%$# would give a child diet pills? I'm sad the article had to even mention it was a no no, meaning people out there actually do that!!

    Oye. Anyway, thanks for sharing the article!