Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I wanted to put together a list of basics. My must have items when it comes to running. In later posts I will go into more details, but this is just a quick list. I will be discussing how to choose the best running shoes for you, the difference between cotton clothes and dri-fit, and many more running accessories that makes your runs more enjoyable!

The Jogging stroller:
We have a version of this stroller. A must for a jogging stroller is that the front wheel has to swivel! You don't want to be lifting up the stroller every time you take a turn.  I like this stroller it has been great for us.
...but definitely when we decide to have another baby we're investing into this bad boy.... Ahhh... its beautiful! Everyone knows the B.O.B. Strollers rock!

The Nike Plus System:
Notice my fun little widget on the side bar that tracks my runs!?! Well, its AWESOME! It has been a real motivation. I wish it was around back in our track days. I'm a HUGE fan and have talked about it before on my other blog. Check out this post. It explains a little more how it works. 
Good Running Shoes:
Are SOOO important! We typically put 350 miles on each pair. Its great motivation. Put in the miles, get new shoes. Incentives are good.
My current shoes right now are... 
Running Clothes:
Recently I've been getting the good running gear. Its great to reward yourself as you reach your goals. I'll be talking about this soon also. Once I got the top of the line stuff I cant go back. Its made the world of difference. Comfort is key. Seriously, this doesn't have to be expensive. You can find this Nike dri-fit outfit at Ross or TJ Maxx. I love checking Sports Authority for sales as well. You just always have to be on the search. My favorite running apparel at the moment is different versions of this outfit...
Toddler items:
I make sure I have all of "Easy's" comforts with him in the stroller. He has his blanket, binky, snacks, sippy cup... and the No Throw tether strap for me (so he doesn't chuck the cup into the street). It fits around "Easy's" sippy cup which is attached to the stroller. There will be a review/giveaway on this item soon on my Mommy-Momo blog

Obviously you don't need all these items to get your runs in. This is just stuff I've come across that has made my runs easier and fun.


  1. Great post! Makes me remember my high school days when I used to run 4 miles every morning! Not by choice... getting ready for bball and tennis season. Those were the days...

    Thinking I might start running again... you're an inspiration!

  2. I could never run without my ipod/Nike and my Asics!

  3. ahhhh, the coveted BOB stroller! Great list! That no throw tether is a fantastic idea, I'll have to get one. :)

  4. I'm an Asics girl too...I would also add to your list: I never leave for a run without my Garmin Forerunner 405! It is my friend.

  5. I'm hearing about these garmins lately! MUST. CHECK. IT. OUT!

  6. my first jogger was a baby trend expedition, we loved it! Now i have a BOB ironman duallie, and it really is worth every penny! The no throw rocks, and so do those shorts, i have 4 pairs, LOL! but i have to say, if you ever have the opportunity, you should upgrade from Nike plus to a Garmin, i loooooove the garmin (well, love/hate, but mostly love). Great blog girl, i'm looking forward to following!

  7. I have been running in Asics for the past four years, I just get the new model as they come out! Great site, I blog about running as well, and am a SAHM too. I'm in NY, next run is the 15K Boilermaker in July.

  8. What kind of jogging stroller is that? I'm looking for a good one with a swivel wheel, but the BOB Revolution is too expensive for us right now.