Monday, February 1, 2010

EA SPORTS Active MORE workouts Wii Review!

The hubs and I are fairly new Wii owners. I'm not usually a fan of video games at all. I've always said I don't want video games in the house. Its just me. I don't like them. But when I started to see all the workout options you can do on the Wii I was all for it! I love finding other fun, and creative ways to workout. Some of you may not know that I'm heavily involved with Mamavation. Mamavation is a social experiment and weight loss campaign. I'm the head cheerleader of the program and love encouraging other Moms to achieve the healthy lifestyle they want. EA SPORTS Active is one of the awesome sponsors. So when the Mom's were always excited and eager to share their EA SPORTS Active workouts, I was very interested in giving it a try.

We first purchased the EA SPORTS Active personal trainer Wii video game and totally loved it. Its so much fun. My hubs, the fitness buff even enjoys it. So when I got the opportunity to review the newest EA Sports Active More Workouts fitness game for Wii I was very eager to try it.
The EA Sports Active More Workouts guides you through pre-set workouts, just like a personal trainer would in the gym. One of the features I loved about the original EA Sports Active is the 30-day challenge. Their pre-set workout kept me accountable and made it a fun game to get those workouts in for 30 days. Now EA Sports Active More Workouts contains a 6-week challenge, a “total-body structured fitness plan that works out all major body parts, adapts to your level of fitness and lets you track your progress week by week.”

I just started this challenge and love it even more!!! I love how they added more core workouts! The More Workouts emphasizes on abdominal exercises which is what I sooo need! One thing I have discovered is that it's difficult to cheat the game. The sensors pick up every movement! For the game you enter your profile and you can either follow a 6-week challenge program or pick from a selection of training sessions.

The new More workouts is also compatible with EA Sports Active Personal Trainer. These new workouts will transfer your data from the Active Personal Trainer and carry over your previous goals and trophies from four previous weeks of working out with the Active Personal Trainer.

I highly recommend both the EA Sports Active personal trainer game AND the new MORE workouts for Wii. But I do have to say the new MORE workouts is my favorite. Its much more challenging for me and targets the areas I would like to focus on. Such a fun new way to get in workouts!! Thank You so much @Active_Girl for the opportunity!!!

*Disclaimer- The review was made possible from @Active_Girl and EA SPORTS Active. I received the More Workouts Wii game for my review. This product was given to me to review and I did not receive any money compensation. This review is strictly MY opinion. For more details, my disclosure policy is located at the bottom of my blog*


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