Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Now is the time.

It never fails. May rolls around and most woman start scrambling to get their workouts in because the dreaded idea of getting into a swim suit is looming over them. They get discouraged and frustrated when they don't see the results fast enough. Typically for the average person working out consistently (depending on how much they need to lose) it can take 4 weeks to a solid 3 months to see major results and body transformations. Obviously this depends on the person, but the point is it takes time.

"Your body gets used to whatever workout program you are doing in roughly 3-4 weeks, so if you don't keep changing SOMETHING about your workouts, you may find yourself reaching what's called a “training plateau” and stop making noticeable progress. Rule of thumb: whenever you start to get a little bored with your routine, it's time to change things to keep it interesting and varied. If you are not getting the results you want in 6 weeks, it’s time to make some more dramatic changes!"

-Body Results

This is why this time of the year is the BEST TIME to workout. This is my favorite time to put in the hard work. Yes it can be harder to find the motivation when its cloudy, cold, and raining... but soooo worth it. Nothing is better than busting your butt now whatever way you can. Get in the runs whenever the weather permits and save the workout DVDs when you are holed up in the house. This is what I try to do.

It's way too easy to not pay attention to your weight when you are covered with the bulky winter clothes. NOW IS THE TIME TO START. It does feel pretty amazing to be able to strip off the sweaters and feel confident about your body. Imagine actually feeling excited to jump in the pool and enjoy the summer time. To not dread bathing suit shopping? Its a pretty neat feeling.

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  1. I love your post. I am now going back to my exercise routine and I will be visiting your blog always for tips.
    I am following you from MBC and would love for you to follow me back!!!